What’s Brewing in Miami

What’s Brewing in Miami?

Miami is not just a party city with good food and drinks. If you think this city is ONLY filled with bars and clubs, think again. This is also a place where you can just sit and relax, read a book, and sip from your favorite cup of coffee. Here are the two best coffee shops in Miami.

Best Coffee Shops in the City

Per’La Specialty Roasters comes first on the list. What happens when two friends who have the same interest decide to open up a shop? Partners Paul Massard and Chris Nolte brought not just their friendship together, but also their love for coffee. Two minds: Nolte has the mind for business, while Massard has the mind and heart in producing coffee. He traveled to Colombia where the world’s leading source for coffee allowed him to enhance his expertise on the bean. Colombia, Kenya, Brazil, and Guatemala were the countries he visited that made him love coffee even more. As a matter of fact, he bought a farm only to make sure that the beans they serve have consistency.

So, as you walk or pass along the streets in the south of Coral Gables, you should be able to smell the aroma of the roasted coffee beans of Per’La’s facility. To ensure the quality of every cup, Massard takes time to taste each and every batch. The moment he becomes satisfied with the taste, it’s served to their customers. In short, Per’la only sells the perfect cup. They also sell small-batches at the Coral Gables Farmers Market every week for $22. Not to mention, they provide these beans in Miami restaurants menus frequently.

David’s Cafe Cafecito is located at 919 Alton Rd, Miami Beach. This shop is considered to serve the best cafe con Leche. In other words, this is the coffee shop you want to go to when you’re having a rough morning. A short walk on Alton and you can smell the aroma of the roasted beans. Only for $2.45, you can have the best cafecito in town!