Where to stay for Memorial day in Miami Beach

Where to stay for Memorial day in Miami Beach

Memorial-Week-Monte-Carlo-Miami-VacationsIf you’re headed to Miami Beach for one of the many great concerts or events taking place there this Memorial Day, there are considerations about where you’ll be staying. Because Miami is a city that draws a crowd for even the most mundane of Tuesday afternoons, you know the hotels will be booked solid for the holiday weekend. Moreover, your choices of accommodation may be limited to a less than desirable area of town. Let us help you with that.

Don’t Settle for Substandard

Unlike most traditional hotel accommodations, the fully furnished apartments Miami Beach has to offer can provide both comfort and utility. When you book an apartment at the Monte Carlo Miami Beach location, you’ll have at your avail all the comforts of home. It’s a perfect place to unwind after joining the party on the beach. It can also be great for entertaining if you decide to bring the party home with you.

Every unit is minimally decorated with tastefully matched furniture to allow you to relax into your space in your own way. It also comes complete with a kitchen that’s stocked with the necessary equipment and appliances for either a quiet dinner or a party with all the bells and whistles. While you may go all out while out on the town, you can save a little cash by eating in, too. Traditional hotels won’t offer you this option. It’s best to remember that eating every meal in a restaurant can really eat into your entertainment budget.

Make a Week of It

If you find yourself in need of a serious vacation, book the space for the entire week and take the time to unwind completely. Furnished apartments in Miami Beach are perfect for relaxation as well as party pads. If you must bring your work with you, complimentary internet and local phone service make this end easy to attain. While you make the calls and send the e-mails your daily grind requires, you can also plan your next leisurely stroll, dinner date, or visit to one of the signature features of Miami culture.

Add a little festivity to your Memorial Day weekend and spend it in Miami Beach, a city that truly knows how to celebrate. When you visit Miami Beach, remember that it can help to extend your budget and your enjoyment to take a furnished apartment at the perfectly located Monte Carlo location. The amenities and the view are top notch and will frame the host of wonderful memories you’ll create in this city by the sea.