A Simple Walkthrough the Miami Art Scene

A Simple Walkthrough the Miami Art Scene

One of the most boasted tourist attractions for Miami is its never ending art scene. Known for being one of the hot beds for creative minds, there is more to art in Miami than just paintings and conferences. In fact, the city itself is a work of art. From its art deco buildings to the tourist attractions it holds, there a lot of things to do for the art enthusiast – to the point that they realize they don’t have enough time to see them all.To help you with your quest, we’ve provided a couple of places in Miami art scene that we think should definitely be in your itinerary.

1. Bird Road Art Walk

Every 3rd Saturday, watch a drab-looking warehouse transform into a beautiful art space in the Bird Road Art District. Showcased in this art show are a variety of works ranging from sculpture to glassworks and will feature over 20 Miami-based artists and studios, both emerging and establish. There will also be lessons and exhibits during this day.

2. Coconut Grove Arts Gallery Nights

Another artistic event that you should consider dropping in is this gallery night. Often held at the 1st Friday of every month, it features a variety of artists from the local and international scenes and is situated in 12 iconic locations throughout the areas from the CocoWalk and Mayfair area. You can also expect quirky gimmicks to be found here such as live music and special performances, just to name some.

3. Wynwood Art Walk

Another art related activity you could always consider is this. Opened every 2nd Saturday of the month, you will be surprised on why people adore this art block (the place, mind you). Boasted to be one of the most popular and boisterous area, it is jammed packed with so many things happening from international visitors to the activities themselves. If you don’t mind walking around galleries for a bit then this will prove to be a good way of exercising without missing out on the fun.

4. Viernes Culturales in Little Havana

Experience Cuba like no other! If you are someone with a soft spot for Cuban culture, then this is event is just for you. Held every last Friday of the month from 7 to 11 pm, one can expect a lot of Cuban references and tributes here from the music to food. Furthermore, this festival also encourages you to take a good look into the Cuban art scene and be enlightened by it.

5. Art Deco District at South Beach

Never forget a classic. Before leaving Miami, try to make sure that you visited this historical yet creative side of America. Over the years, this has found decay and rebirth occasionally but don’t let that minor physical flaw fool you as this district is more than what you can assume. Currently, it hosts the world’s largest collection of art deco making it a perfect place for those who are enthusiastic to learn more about the history of the building and why it is like that.