Gotta Catch ‘Em All in Miami

Gotta Catch ‘Em All in Miami

Does it ring a bell? Recently, everyone has been going crazy catching Pokemons. Have you downloaded Pokemon Go yet? If you’re one of the 7.5 million players in the U.S. then you’ve been to the nearest PokeStop, gym, and places where characters randomly appear. Play like how everyone does and head to these Miami locales, catch them all and become a real master hunter.

1st Stop

So, here’s another Pokemon you see while at a local business center, particularly at the Books & Books on Aragon Avenue in Coral Gables. Part of you wants to catch it while part of you wants to help this local business in Coral Gables. There’s only one smarter way – you will have to grab your friends and gather at the Pokestop inside the store. Consider it hitting two birds with one stone. Later, walk your way down to Miracle Mile and start raising the eggs.

2nd Stop

You must not miss the Pokemons at the fountain in Florida International University. Yes, right at the beautiful fountain area just outside the Graham Center, you’ll find not just one or two, but there are four PokeStops in this location.

In Miami, not only will you be able to find good people, but you’ll also be able to catch Pokemons. Although they may not be that rare, gems can also be seen within the area. Believe it or not, a Dragonair was spotted at the library. Walk a few steps across campus and you will find your way to a Kabuto by the gym, close to the nature preserve.

3rd Stop

Maybe Pokemons in Miami love to study, so they hang out at other schools too. Begin to wander around the University of Miami and you will surely be able to catch a Pokemon. You can just imagine with the number of students luring and hunting in these universities, your skill should level up in catching those Pokemons. If a Dragonair is spotted at FIU, another Dragonair is lurking somewhere in the lake. As a matter of fact, a Dratini is also seen within the area. In addition, there is a Magikarp Pokemon that appeared near the lake. As you cross the bridge, Pokemon hunters are trying to catch these Pokemons spotted. Meanwhile, some players saw Ponyta, Oddish, Jiggypuff, Snorlax, and Slowpoke. And if you could not find one somewhere in the area, go straight to the library and see Ghastly for yourself.

4th Stop

And now on to our final stop – Palms at Town & Country in Kendall. At the magnificent bridge over the lake, you will find a lot of PokeStops. This is one of the reasons people go crazy about. Although this place may be far from the good things in the city, it adds to your collection of Pokemons.

Start heading your way to these great stops and get ready with your Pokeballs and catch them all now.