Indulge Sweet Miami Art Updates

Indulge Sweet Miami Art Updates

Green Machine
There are a lot of beautiful places in this world and one of them is Miami. Through the years, Miami continuously seeks progress that will further impose goodwill of its citizens. And part of that progress is attributed to the beauty and sweetness of its arts. Several art discoveries and explorations were performed in order to produce highest quality arts that will surprise not only Miami people but also the entire world.

One is Carlos Luna’s “Green Machine” – a multidisciplinary exhibition that features 120 artworks which is shown for the first time, including creations which are made using newly experimented mediums that can wow the world.

The artworks have an Afro-Cuban tradition which ranged from jacquard tapestries, metal sheets, and Talavera ceramic plates to mixed media on wood, and huge sized oil paintings. And to give the audience a little more surprises, there’s this six-panel painting that tells the inspiring story of the artist. It’s so beautiful not only for the story it conveys, but the color details that effectively illuminate right emotions.

This art place is organized by guest curartor Barabaro Martinez Ruiz while the arts express Luna’s mixed influences he had from his life experiences in Cuba. The arts will be displayed up to September 13 which will also feature another artist by the name of Richard Sexton. You might not want to miss out this rare opportunity so set your dates now.

Asia Project
Music is a beautiful form of art and most Miami citizens love the idea of singing. This is why Asia Project – an award-winning music show that features writer and poet Asia Samson was played at Miami. It was a touching musical show that can make warmth your heart. It has been played at more than 450 colleges already, where Samson and his brother-in-law, Jollan helped to form excellent combination of words to create a remarkable performance. For everyone’s information, Samson has been featured on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam and has spoken at TEDx talks. Many people have already embraced Samson’s music as seen by the high demand for his poetry act book that hit the college market.

The emotion portrayed by Samson’s music relates his unforgettable experiences, from surviving cancer, witnessing the death of his sister to his wife’s miscarriages. There’ so many sad circumstances in his life which led him to effectively communicate with his audience through the music he created. The show was made possible through the help of Lip Service, which is also intended to launch his new album called The Asia Project that’s dedicated to his late sister. Samson said that it’s not all about rendering a song for entertainment but it’s a way of touching every individual in one way or another. He believes that we all have responsibility to touch one another’s life, giving emphasis on the thought that it takes a simple touch to heal our deepest wounds.

Samson wishes to make a simple change that will transform our world into a better one. Music is his passion and it will be this one making that wish come true.