When in Miami, Go Off-Roading

When in Miami, Go Off-Roading

Surprised? Well, you may have thought that Miami is a city only for nightclubs, bars, and dancing. But here in Miami, you can find the top spots that would make you change your mind about Miami only being for the beaches for nightclubs. If you visit us, don’t miss going off-roading. Buckle up for safety and let the countdown begin.

Top 3: Devils Garden Mud Club
Only an hour and a half drive not far from the Atlantic coast, located at 23515 County Road 835 in Clewinston, FL, adrenaline rush begins. This is a massive place for ATV and even for that five ton military truck you have been dying to hop into. Maybe not everyone knows about this place, if you’ve never been to a mud club, then you can’t miss Devils Garden. If you want to have a memorable off-road experience, Clewiston has something to offer and would perfectly complete your visit to Miami. You can also witness an extreme entertainment as live events will be open on the weekend. Get ready to meet some off-road enthusiasts and prepare the whole gang to have the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Top 2: Miami Motocross Park
Say you are not into big trucks and ATV’s, motocross bikes is also here. Known to be the only motocross park in the southeast portion of Florida, Miami Motocross Park takes pride. A different kind of off-road experience and adventure. In addition, along with the facilities that the park has to offer to their customers, they could not resist to have a different kind of off-road experience themselves. As they say, the wind rushing through your face as you ride on those heart pumping dirt bikes is exhilarating. Drive your own dirt bike or ATV to 16665 Krome Ave and join the other enthusiasts. You can take advantage of the park’s rental and bike services. You and your kids can surely stay in the park and have the best times. Yes, kids also have their small track, perfect for them. Practice, have fun, and most of all, take the full experience of off-roading in this park.

Top 1: Redneck Yacht Club Mud Park
Down to the first off-road spot in town – located in at 44570 Bermont Road in Punta Gorda, Florida. The name may sound strange, but the moment you visit the park, you’ll love it Here you will definitely have the unforgettable ‘yacht club’ experience of your entire life. The park has always something in store for their guests. Ever heard of ‘Trucks Gone Wild’? The event was held on this specific location. Other than meeting with other off-road fanatics, you can always enjoy the afternoon fun. Or perhaps, you may want to go for a spin and have a muddy experience as you pump the gas up. Lastly, in order to make it complete, you can take your family and camp as the park offers an area for camping.

So, start your engines and experience an off-road adventure in Miami today.