Miami Historic Sites

Miami Historic Sites

Miami historic sites remind us that Miami does have a history and little people know of it. We invite you to rent a furnished apartment in Miami for your next trip so that you can enjoy of the city’s history while having all the comforts you are used to. In the article we’ll give you some information that can certainly help you plan your next escapade to Miami.

For over one hundred years now the southern part of Florida has managed to attract millions of people to it and that is mostly due to its natural beauty and the fact that the climate here is just amazing. Many of those who have visited this place were lured by the promise of a better day and by the warmth of the sun. When they arrived here, they were simply stunned at the beauty surrounding them and that is why they decided to forge a new way of living in this tropical paradise.

For more than one hundred years, the Miami River hosts the majestic Royal Palm Hotel of Henry M. Flagler, the home of Julia Tuttle who is nowadays considered the modern “mother” of Miami, army forts, slave plantations, Spanish missions and a large Tequesta Indian settlement. After Flagler has accepted many attractive offers of land from the Brickell family and Tuttle (who lived just across the river), he took the decision of bringing the Florida East Coast Railway to Miami in eighteen ninety six. As a result, he managed to jump start the transformation of a very small community into an inc. city.

And in what regards the Miami historic sites and historic architecture, it seems that the city still retains its beauty after so many years. It boasts Spanish Mediterranean mansions that just defy your imagination, swimming pools that resemble Venetian lagoons and of course, simple pioneer bungalows that are made of Dade County pine and coral rock. Many people who visited Miami said that the best way to know this place is through the historical sites in Miami and it’s certainly true.

There are quite a few places you’ll need to visit when you’ll come here, because after you’ll do so, you will get a better understanding of why the city looks the way it looks today and how it got to be so popular. There are many special places to see here, including colorful ethnic neighborhoods, stately mansions, simple pioneer dwellings and sun drenched landscapes that will leave you completely breathless. Enjoy visiting this wonderful paradise!

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