Celebrating Mother’s Day in Miami

Celebrating Mother’s Day in Miami

Miami is a fantastic city in which to live and work. But it’s also a great place to celebrate Mother’s Day with that special lady in your life—Mom. Beach front vacation rentals offer the perfect solution to ensure her comfort and provide her with the perfect setting for a weekend of fabulous memories. Fully furnished apartments have a number of advantages over traditional hotel accommodations, and can often prove far more cost effective.

The Comforts of Home

Fully furnished apartments Miami Beach are tastefully, but minimally decorated with matching furniture that will welcome Mom with a feeling of home that most hotels lack. Plus, unlike even the most luxurious suites available, there’s room to relax and visit. You can even entertain in-house. Planning a small gathering or treating her to a hand-made breakfast, complete with a clean kitchen afterward? Furnished apartments Miami Beach come with full-sized kitchens that are stocked with all the necessary appliances and accoutrements to make it happen. There’s even a fantastic view from any of our beach front vacation rentals. What more could you ask when it comes to accommodations? Round the clock concierge service, spa and swimming pools, a gym, local phone service and internet access—each property has those, too.

Out on the Town

If you really want to make your Mom’s weekend memorable, Miami is a city that can help with that goal. Start with an unforgettable brunch at 1200 Courtyard Grill or the Rusty Pelican. These are just two of the many “bests” that Miami has to offer with their stunning brunch spreads and fantastic settings that provide food for the eye.

After wowing her with brunch, show her how special her visit really is. Take her for a tour of the Viscaya Estate, a beautifully manicured and preserved 50 acre property that shows visitors how turn-of-the-century Miami denizens conceived of luxury. Then, take her to historic South Beach. While it’s the place to go for the best shopping opportunities, it’s also filled to the brim with all the charm and beauty of the Art Deco period. Finish off your special day with Mom on the beach. Her tired toes will welcome the soft sand and cool surf. It’s the best way to wind down after a day on the town.

Miami is such a wonderful city. There’s so much to see and do. Show your Mom how special she is this Mother’s day by treating her to a stay in the comfort of a fully furnished apartment. You can plan a host of activities and amusements to delight her, knowing that she is ensconced in homelike surroundings—secure and relaxed.