Furnished Apartment Rentals for Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull Concert

Furnished Apartment Rentals for Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull Concert

Enrique-IglesiasThe City of Miami will host the October 25th concert featuring two native sons, Enrique Inglesias and Pitbull. If you plan to journey to this city by the sea for the event, there are a few aspects of your stay you might want to consider ahead of time. While many hotels can be affordable for short-term stays, they aren’t always optimal. Consider a different approach with furnished apartments from MiamiVacations.com. They offer a number of benefits that you’ll miss out on if you opt for the traditional, and sometimes costly, hotel room.

Elbow Room

Fully furnished apartments offer you space to breathe. Unlike the traditional hotel accommodations, renting such spaces offers you the opportunity to entertain in comfort, as well as make your stay in the city a memorable one. Even the most functional hotel suites can’t offer the fully equipped kitchen space, with refrigerators and other appliances geared to handle a crowded after-party.

Relax, You’re Home

Much like those who conduct frequent business trips to Miami, if you’re in town for a concert venue, you want your stay to be as comfortable as possible. A furnished let can offer you the comforts of home, including time to relax. This frees you from the usual hassle of checkout times, meaning you can schedule your arrival and departure according to your needs.

All the Perks

While fully furnished apartments do seem more like a second home, with tastefully matched furnishings, a kitchen stocked with all you’ll need for a great party and day-to-day living, and plenty of space to spread out, they offer so much more. Fitness centers, pool and spa facilities, a 24-hour concierge service, and included Internet and local phone services are just a few of the additional services you’ll have access to during your stay.

When you come to Miami to see a great concert, don’t leave your accommodations to chance. Book your stay with Miami Vacations in one of our Monte Carlo Miami Beach Apartments and stay in comfort. With a variety of locations, they have the perfect apartment for your needs and budget. At the end of October, you’ll be certain of the perfect place to hold a fantastic party, while you can cut your expenses elsewhere, eating in rather than going out for every meal. Furnished apartments simply make more sense than hotels when you want to make a splash and create a space for the best memories of your vacation.