Craving in Miami? 5 Best Delicatessens in Miami

Craving in Miami? 5 Best Delicatessens in Miami

Have you ever craved for something in Miami and have looked up for those must-eats but find out that they’re- well…gone? Just because places such as Rascal House and Wolfie’s aren’t there anymore doesn’t mean that there’s no more place in Miami that are worth eating in.

Let us help you with that as we present to you the 5 best Delicatessens in Miami today.

First in the list is Europa Delicatessen. Judging by the name alone you could tell that majority of the food here is from Europe. Alexander Ringleb, who is a former nightclub manager, does confirm that they serve food that comes directly from across the Atlantic. From Austrian soda to Italian pasta and wine, there is so much to choose from. And if you’re looking for something that is freshly baked, this place serves sandwiches with bread that’s baked on the spot.

In second, comes Sage Bagel & Appetizer Shop. Open since 1973, this place has been affectionately called as the ‘app shop’ and no, phone apps are not for sale here and the owners have no intention of changing that nickname. After all, they have been serving one of the best to-go bagels and deli sandwiches for over 40 years.

Looking for some Russian food? Kalinka is a highly recommended Russian deli for so many reasons. Let us tell you why. Situated in the area they call Little Moscow, they not only sell food that you can find in Russian grocery stores, but also their highly-coveted cakes such as Napoleon and Medovik. You might be asking if they have anything sweet for dessert. Well their bonus is the plombir where it is the Soviet ice cream sold in the 80’s for $0.03.

How about some Jewish delis? Etzel Itzik has it for you. What if you’re the carb-conscious type? Etzel Itzik has it for you. Not only they serve a menu full of kosher meats, pita sandwiches and other kinds of Israeli staples, they also serve fresh salad for you. Added bonus? You get a free basket of bread before every meal as you appetizer.

Finally, we bring you back to a good ol’ deli that you simply don’t want to pass – Josh’s Deli. Original but still creative, Josh Marcus brings a perfect fusion of the two, thanks to his years as a chef, that simply leaves you wanting more. His menu has it all – beloved classics like pastrami sandwiches made from 10-day old Angus brisket to unique ones such as duck prosciutto, Jewban with pastrami, slow-roasted pork and pickles. He also serves three-hour brine soaked black cold with paprika and molasses. The exotic image of these food combinations alone is enough to make both your mouth water and your imagination run wild.