The 5 Must-Go-To Luxurious Bars In Miami

The 5 Must-Go-To Luxurious Bars In Miami

We all know that Miami is such a hotbed for events, however, after attending one where to go next? What if the night is still young and the real fun hasn’t even started yet? Simple, head over to the bar and grab a couple of drinks. However, there are several places to drink in Miami, you can miss it, but the best places are yet to be located.

 Never fret as we came up with a list of Miami’s 5 Must-Go- luxurious bars for you to wind out and probably have a chat or two.

The Broken Shaker is the first on our list. Concocted by avant-garde mixologists, Elad Zivi and Gabriel Orta this former pop-up bar has found a new home at the Freehand.

With a stand-out hostel concept, one would always expect something new in the menu as every day it changes. The most popular drinks here are their cocktails which as all handcrafted with fresh ingredients and infusions all handpicked by the bartenders themselves. You won’t be disappointed if you’re on the hunt for something fresh and natural.

 If you’re at Miami Beach and looking for a great bar to pass the time, then don’t forget to drop by The Living Room Bar.

Despite its unusual and domestic name, it is not like your living room at home. Furnished with only the best sleek velvet and faux fur furniture and overlooking a breathtaking view of South Beach’s pool area with its own oceanfront, you might say you’ll feel right at home here – with a luxurious twist, of course. With the help of a renowned cocktail connoisseur, Scott Beattie, this bar had a Mixology makeover in 2012 where their drinks are designed to look and taste like pieces of art.

However, if you’re looking for a place with a rather rustic and classic feel, you could try the Regent Cocktail Club in the South Beach Area. With a retro ambiance complete with leather banquettes, live jazz performances, and a smoking area this place is something for the classy at heart.

Furthermore, its mixologists are quite well suited and serve drinks incredibly authentic and complementary to the bar itself. However, if modern retro might not be the kind of throwback you are looking for how about a classic?

Ball & Chain may just be a recreation of the incredibly popular 1930s bar that once stood in the same area but they certainly know how to stand out. Their specialties are derived from its two influences the Jews and the Cubans in Miami. Some of their most recommended drinks are Cuban-inspired such as the Mojito Criollo, Pastelito Daquiri, and Canita.

Finally, over at Aventura is Repour. Pronounced as “rapport”, this is just one of the newest bars in Miami located inside The Albion Hotel on Lincoln Road but don’t be fooled by its age as it had proven itself to be quite a standout.

The brainchild of Isaac Grillo, his back-to-basics approach in drinks paired with liquid nitrogen and ingenious infusions will certainly pique your curiosity and your taste buds. Some of his most curious drinks are the Carrot Patch, made out of Botanist Islay gin, carrot and ginger reduction and celery bitter with pickled vegetables at the side, and Grandpa Grillo’s Tea Time, a drink made from bourbon, Mandarine Napoleon, black cassia tea and fresh lemon over black tea-Jim Beam ice cubes.