Everything’s Free on Friday

Everything’s Free on Friday

Perhaps, Friday is the only day of the week where you can be free, relaxed, and not a care about the world. As you read on, you will understand what everyone is talking about. If you think it’s impossible, nothing is. Below are a few Friday events at absolutely no costs to you.

Dance all you can!

To begin with, when you want to dance to the beat and simply enjoy your Friday, Haven is the best place for you. Not only this Friday, but every Friday night at 10PM. Haven is located in 1237 Lincoln Rd will be filled with people who want to take their stress away by dancing. May it be an open format or hip-hop you can take the dance floor and move those itchy feet. House? Techno? You name it! No matter what music you’re into, you’ll hear it at Haven. As a matter of fact, if you want to dance to a rock music, you surely can. Miami calls it Rock Me Fridays. Stop the search and start grooving.

Sing all you can!

Not only can you dance and take full charge on the dance floor, but you can even sing those problems away every Friday. Bird Bowl is opens at 9:30 and it’s a perfect way to unwind from the busy week. Keep in mind that Friday nights will always be Karaoke Fridays in Central Dade Miami. Sing your heart out this Friday without letting your pockets suffer. Remember, this night is solely for you.

Drink all you can!

Ladies and gentlemen, Miami understands that you had a long week at work. Maybe you’ve been leaving the office late at night, working overtime, trying to meet the deadlines your boss requested. Perhaps, you have been busy completing a project for school. Barracuda Raw Bar and Grill opens its gates for you the moment the sun sets at 6 o’clock in the evening. Ladies drinks free until 10PM. Meanwhile, men can get discounted drink deals. Coconut Grove will surely be jampacked with people like you who want to relax. If you can dance or sing all your stress away, this Friday is Friday Boozing day.

Miami truly understands that Fridays are considered to be a kickoff for your weekend. Not to mention, people understand that you wanted to save some of your money for something else, (Hint: The holiday season is almost here). Sure there may be a lot of ways to relieve your stress, but all of these requires you to spend as well. This is the reason that Miami offers you fun and free Sundays.