Food Trucks in Miami Today To Watch Out For

Food Trucks in Miami Today To Watch Out For

One of the best things about Miami is its food scene. If you think about it, anywhere you go, food is not that far. From fancy restaurants to delis, Miami has everything. One of the defining features in Miami cuisine is its food trucks and we’re not kidding about that. Miami food trucks are not just your popular street food, they are something to die for especially when you don’t feel like sitting somewhere fancy.

However, the problem with food trucks is that they don’t stay in one place, but it is still a good thing because you’ll never know what to expect.

Here are some of the best food trucks in Miami that you have to watch out for.

The first in our lists is Dim Ssam a Go-Go. Their specialty is the grilled chicken breasts where it is served with ginger and garlic sauce, peanuts and brown rice. Hot sauce is optional. You can also top it off with their delicious chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Within Wynwood is gastroPod and yes, that’s how their name is spelled. Their in-demand food is called Old Dirt Dawg, where it is a smoky beef hotdog smothered with aged cheese fondue, mustard seeds, mustard and their “stupid slaw” all packed in a potato bun.

Though Ms. Cheezious has a store in 79th and Biscayne, they still have their turquoise food truck going around. What you should look out for is the Grilled Blue and Bacon which is made out of crispy bacon, blue cheese and green onion sandwich on sourdough.

A very hard to miss the food truck is the Slow Food Truck. Again, we are not mistaken as this is what it’s called. The reason why they are not hard to miss is that the truck’s colored bright yellow. Food-wise, one should definitely try their Beef SHortrib Sandwich. It is a sandwich with slow-braised short rib topped off with friend crispy shallots, watercress, cheese and light beef sauce called au jus.

If you’re feeling courageous and want to try something different, literally, we suggest you to keep an eye out for the Purple People Eatery and weird isn’t enough to describe it. Dedicated to serving “fresh, freak street food”, their dishes are loaded with an assortment of odd combinations such as goat cheese and truffle. You should also take time to try out their “award-winning” mac and cheese.purple people eatery

Now that we have the main dishes covered, how about those with an incurable sweet tooth or those demanding desserts to go with their food? Not to worry!

HipPOPs is definitely for you. They call themselves as a “micro creamery” and by looking at their menu, they have it all pinned down. From their make-your-own gelato dessert to their much talked about Frozen Hot Chocolate, your sweet-tooth will certainly tingle just thinking about it.

Another dessert food truck is Marlie’s Delights. They not only serve frozen delights, but baked ones as well. Get to choose from a variety of sweets from their menu from Nutella flan to brownie ice cream sandwiches. What’s great about it is that the desserts are rotated to give variety for their customers.