Miami Business Center of the World

Miami Business Center of the World

If you’ve business to conduct in Miami, chances are, you’ll be seeing a great deal of the Brickell neighborhood. This is the city’s chief financial district and, not only is it one of the largest in the United States, it’s also a densely packed residential center. Here, you’ll feel the vitality of Miami, you’ll be in the midst of some of the most intense activity this diverse and thriving city has to offer. That only leaves one question, but a vital consideration—where will you choose to stay?

Why Stay in a Furnished Apartment?

There are a number of excellent hotels both in and around the Miami business center. However, if you do business in the city, especially if it’s a regular port of call for you, there’s another option. In many cases its not only more cost effective to engage in short term apartment rentals, it can also be more appealing. When the pressure is on to close a deal, the comforts of home offered by a fully furnished apartment will trump the impersonal, cramped spaces of traditional hotel accommodations. They offer all the same benefits of a hotel, with a number of additional perks you won’t find in any chain hotel.

The Benefits Outlined

Located centrally in the most accessible parts of the city, Miami Vacations offers you a selection of choice apartment spaces. They are minimally and tastefully furnished to provide all the basic day-to-day needs without unnecessarily cluttering the space. A fully equipped kitchen allows you to eat on your schedule for less than the cost of restaurant meals, and no dress code need apply. Plus, if you’re burning the midnight oil to put the finishing touches on a bid or ensure that a meeting goes smoothly, complimentary internet and local phone service make working a breeze.

These short term rentals also come with the perks of 24 hour concierge service, fitness and spa facilities, and a pool in which to swim away the stress of the day. Spacious floor plans allow you to spread out or designate a specific work area, and ample windows allow sunlight and cool breezes to drift in whether you’re unwinding from the day or winding up to meet it.

fully furnished apartment will allow you to focus on the most important business at hand—yours. When you stay with Miami Vacations, you are saying yes to the comforts of home and leaving the boxed décor and cramped conditions of a traditional hotel by the wayside. Taking a furnished apartment on a short term basis simply makes sense—in terms of both your comfort and your bottom line.