Things to Do in Miami Beach

Things to Do in Miami Beach

Things to Do in Miami Beach
Things to Do in Miami Beach

Miami is a fantastic place in which to live, work, and play. But even if you’re just spending a little quality time with one of the most vibrant cities in America in the form of an extended vacation, there’s plenty to please the senses and pass the time. While you could book time at one of the many hotels located here, a better way to allocate your funds may be to contract a Miami Beach furnished rental.

Rather than that feeling of cramped impermanence that even the most luxurious suite offers, a furnished apartment allows you to settle in, relax, and put your mark on your space. In any of our Miami Beach apartment rentals, you’ll find generous ceilings, a minimum of tastefully matched furnishings, a fully functional kitchen, and a swimming pool and health complex as well. Plus, with any of our Montecarlo furnished rentals, an incomparable view is included, compliments of our perfect location—front and center for some of the best attractions Miami has to offer.

Places to Go, Things to See

Of course, the first thing you must do is take a walk along the famous beachfront and dabble your toes in the perfect surf. While it may become crowded during the peak hours of the day, the sands are clean and calm early in the morning. Make this sunrise salutation a refreshing part of your morning routine in our fair city.

Museums and Gardens

While there’s always shopping and taking in the sights of our distinctive art deco architecture, you’ll want to set aside some time to visit at least a few of the many museums that make there home in Miami. If you’re bringing the kids on vacation, be sure to make time for the Miami Children’s Museum. It’s a whirlwind tour of fun and education, so intertwined, you’ll be hard pressed to tell one from the other before your tour is finished.

Having a little getaway from life’s stress with your partner or spouse? Check out the Miami Art Museum. You’ll find breathtaking beauty exhibited from the Caribbean Crossroads collection, sculpture, photography, landscape, modern pieces, and more. If science produces a more favorable reaction among you and yours, check out the Miami Patricia and Philip Frost Museum of Science and the Planetarium. Drink deeply of the wonders of the natural universe.

The Fairchild Botanic Garden can provide a soothing and lovely place to stroll after all that wonder and excitement. Conversely, you can head into the heart of Art Deco wonderland and visit the Wolfsonian. This is Miami’s spectacular library, museum, and research collection, where history, art, science, and learning come together as a harmonious whole.

Sports and Entertainment

Of course, Miami is also home to some of the most exciting creative endeavors, shows, and fantastic sporting venues. Take in an afternoon Marlin’s game, but don’t fill up on popcorn. A late lunch or early dinner at one of the city’s many beautiful restaurants makes the perfect interlude between sports and art—Miami hosts a number of theater and musical venues as well, and you may find it difficult to select a favorite.

Whatever special event brings you to Miami, skip the hotel song and dance. Book one of our Montecarlo Miami Beach rentals—fully furnished, luxuriously appointed, and without the impersonal, cramped feeling of hotels. Have a leisurely breakfast of melons and café au lait on your balcony, while you decide what to see first and where to have lunch. Miami Beach furnished rentals will offer you many luxuries—the ultimate among them is that of feeling at home in our fair city. It’s the best way to experience all that we offer.