Top Things to Do in Miami

Top Things to Do in Miami

Aside from the hot weather and the great beaches, Miami isn’t known for a lot of things such as the nightlife, multiple yearly concerts, multicultural events and a lot more. If you are looking to visit Miami this year, there is a lot in stores for you. Here are some events that will really spice up your visit to South Beach.

The International Hispanic Theatre Festival

This year will be the event’s 31st year and there will be a lot for both visitors and Miami locals. The event will run from July 7 until July 24 and it will be held at different locations including the On Stage Black Box Theatre and the Adrienne Arsht Center. There will be a lot of events that will be shown and performed in Spanish but it will be with subtitles for those who are not familiar with the language yet. For the kids there will be a puppet shown and the festival will have its International Children’s Day on July 17. There will also be universal themes that will be featured in the event such as love, family, religion, life and death, as well as a lot more. There will also be Spanish plays to be shown during the festival that will feature the Spanish culture.

Miami Takeover

Here in Miami for a business trip? Or maybe you are an entrepreneur looking for a good relaxing vacation and Miami is your go to trip? If so, the Miami Takeover can be a good event for you. It will give urban entrepreneurs a chance to blowoff some steam and have a good time. Businessmen deserve a good day off and make sure that those days are spent in paradise. The event will be from Thursday to Monday and will have tons of event such as comedy skits, fitness events, and a sexy beach pool party for the gentlemen. You can also make a difference and give back to the community by participating in a beach cleanup.

The International Mango Festival

Do you love mangos? If you do, this event will be “fruitful” for you. Starting Saturday (July 9) The International Mango Festival will run all throughout the weekend from 9:30am to 4:30pm. The theme is the Mangos of Cuba and there will be mango themed fun for people of all ages. This is an event that you surely will not want to miss.

Miami StorySLAM

When was the last time you listened to someone tell you a story? Maybe when you were still a child? If you like stories, then this Tuesday July 12 will be a day for you. The Moth, a New York Based storytelling collective, will tell you a story that will feature onstage storytellers. This is something that has not been practiced ever since the dawn of new technology where eBooks and audio books were popularized. The Moth have been presenting stories to over a dozen cities and if you like listening to stories, this is an event you want to save in your calendar.