Unforgettable Week in Miami

Unforgettable Week in Miami

So, as they say “Whatever happens in Miami stays in Miami” no longer applies. It would be impossible for a visitor to just keep everything that happened in the city to themselves. You just can’t wait to to tell the whole world that you had a blast in your 5 day stay in one of those furnished apartments in Miami. If you’re ready, let’s get started.


Without delays, here is what you can do on a Monday. You can just imagine how much tourists and locals enjoy visiting Miami that they can’t wait for the week to start. And there are those who can’t wait for the weekend to start.

As the clock strikes 4 in the afternoon, Arsht’s Weekly Farmer’s market begins. At the Arsht Center, you will find the freshest ingredients there is.

And for those who want to have a follow up on your bendy positions, the tribal full moon yoga with an added meditation and acupuncture is ready. Surfcomber together with Exhale mind-body spa will keep complete your namaste.


If you haven’t seen Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, you can watch it free at Cobb Theatres. Just be ready by 10AM as there will be a free screening.


Movies aren’t just enough. Some people love to watch plays. This is one of the reasons guests and visitors mark every third Wednesday of the month in their calendar. The Lobby Lounge at Olympia Theater, plays such as burlesque, improv, vaudeville, and a lot more will be shown.

And if you still want to have a follow up on your namaste from Monday, you can always join the outdoor yoga class which is given as a free weekly community service. Riviera Park will be covered with your yoga mats as the class starts at 6PM.


Go healthy as you join a bootcamp fitness class. You can join the classes at the Tropical Park at 7PM. Local veterans are willing to extend their expertise and share them to everyone.


Lastly, you may end your weeklong stay in Miami with a concert where Jazz will soothe your mind and body. You can go right away to MOCA and snag a free admission to a concert. Be there before 7PM as it will start right away.Perhaps, you may want to get a glimpse on a few exhibitions. Wolfsonian museum offers free admission to their guests.

Now that your itinerary is complete, you wouldn’t miss a day where there is no fun and excitement. At this point, all you need is a place to stay. The furnished apartments in Miami are complete with everything you need for the entire week. Hotels may be good, but they can be too lavishing as well. So, you and your friends or family can pick one of these apartments and you will experience a week stay on your home away from home.